How Does Tennessee Williams Escape Reality

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"We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality." (Iris Murdoch) Lies and illusion when used to run from reality can create a blinding fantasy. Tennessee Williams "A Streetcar Named Desire" explores the need to escape what seems like a horrible reality and how some people will lie to do so. Williams is trying to say people sometimes lie and run to a fantasy world in order to escape the reality they are focused to live in. First some people often use the opposite sex to escape reality. Throughout the story, Blanche tries to fill a void within herself with men. She thinks by using a man there will be an instant loss of all the baggage that happened in the past. By trying to seduce numerous men she meets she notices one of that would be capable of fulling what she is longing for. That is Mitch. "This one seems -superior to the others."(p.52 Williams) Blanche immediately notices that Mitch could be the ticket to filling the void within herself when she says this. Because of the fact that Blanche is skilled in deceiving people Mitch falls right for her game. Therefore, he thinks that every lie she tells him is perfectly truthful. Until, Stanley sheds light on Blanches illusion.…show more content…
Drinking helps blind a person from the real world even if it is just for a short lived time. Blanche tries to dissemble the fact that she has been drinking more. Blanche locates the alcohol in Stanley and Stella's home. Proceeding to pour herself a glass she says "I've got to keep hold of myself."(p 10 Williams) By saying this she is trying to keep her past and reality to stay in the dark. The illusion of composure is believed by everyone but Stanley. The alcohol masks emotions that without it would be out in the open for everyone to

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