Play 60 Rhetoric

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• Target audience: children, parents, and educators. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to understand whose attention this ad is trying to catch. Unaware audience has to conduct some research to understand that the ad tries to catch up children and their parents’ minds by focusing their attention on NFL players. The ad would not attract the attention of children that are not interested in watching sports, or do not have a good knowledge about the NFL games and its players. • Communication objectives: the core communication objective is to show happy and healthy kids playing together with famous NFL players. Nevertheless, it is not understandable for a viewer why they do it or what relationship between Play 60, NFL and its players, and kids.…show more content…
The campaign uses IMC strategy by placing its advertising and promotions on Social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter, and by creating smartphone apps. It has a large quantity of participation in school and community programs, as well as fitness zones. The official website explains kids and adults how they can bring the Play 60 movement to their area, schools, and community as whole. It should be considered as a good tactic to use all available sources to reach the primary audience. • Creative execution: lack of creativity and advertising appeal, except the fact of appearance the football players and the powerful slogan. When viewing the video the target audience is somewhat puzzled and did not quite understand what kind of product in question, but enjoyed the beautiful visuals of happy kids, the NFL players and (maybe) some enjoyed the music. Thus, in addition to the volume of creative effort invested in advertising, the advertising quality is largely determined by how it is able to convey to the target audience of the product’s marketing

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