Thesis Statement For Young Goodman Brown

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Name Date Subject Instructor About the Story The story Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne poses different battles between good and evil between the characters of the story. In fact, the author uses various symbolic elements within the flow of the story until it reaches the climax of it. Thus, it relates to the reader that sin cannot be avoided as this is part of humanity, as such no one is deemed perfect as everyone already committed sin. The thesis statement for this paper is that evil cannot be stopped but it can be avoided by having clear conscience and sound mind. The battle of good and evil was better portrayed in this story using different element which symbolizes both sides. The evil presence in Browns life began on the time…show more content…
One aspect of the dichotomies was a reflection of the patterns of values that are dominant in the traditional society. Variables outlined that possesses the the traditional aspect of the dichotomy includes affectivity-affective neutrality, diffuseness-specificity, particularism-universalism, ascription-achievement; collectivity orientation-self orientation. Talcott Parsons developed the four schemes of social action patterns. He named the first scheme as the pattern variables which focus on the idea that each five variables have a bipolar dimension defined institutional patterns and normative orientation. The first variable is the gratification-discipline dilemma that involves affectivity versus affective-neutrality. Predicament revolves around the decision of whether expressing one’s orientation in terms of immediate gratification (or affectivity) or whether renouncing immediate gratification in support of moral interests. The place of the group could deploy the pattern variables for the analysis of the traditional cultural actions within the

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