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A streetcar Named Desire explores the complexities and diversities of human relationships. Discuss this statement in a well-written essay response. The play, A Streetcar Named Desire, written by Tennessee Williams, successfully explores the complexities and diversities of human relationships. This was achievable through Williams’ complex characterisation, particularly in the protagonist, Blanch DuBois. The importance of relationships and thus the human condition is highlighted through Blanches’ interactions with other characters throughout the play such as the antagonists Stanley and Stella. The effective use of various dramatic and language techniques, further enables this successful exploration. The protagonist of ASND, Blanche Dubois, is…show more content…
As previously mentioned, Blanche arrives in Stella’s ironic paradise home (Elysian Fields) as an insecure and broken individual, with nowhere to go. She is consumed her by desire for love and understanding, however, the inevitable destinations of death and destruction continually haunt her. This motif and its importance is event in the play’s title. Blanche eventually recalls these experiences to Mitch explaining how “death was as close as you [Mitch] are”. Williams further uses the symbolic figure of a Mexican flower sell, “Flores para los muertos”, to emphasise this fear. Consequently, Blanche places significance dependence on her relationship with Stella, as a comforter and source of hope. Thus, Stella is sympathetic towards Blanche, continually looking out for her wellbeing, feelings and self-esteem. This can be seen through the many complements made regarding Blanche’s appearance, prompting others likewise – “And admire her dress”. Regardless of her mental instability and its rapid decline, Blanche still attempts to influence and govern Stella’s life, particularly regarding her relationship with Stanley, despite Stella’s attempts in explain, “I’m not in anything I want to get out of.” Blanche’s constant want for escape and fantasy refuge in her rich friend Shep Huntleigh further depicts this, with her devised plan “to get hold of some money…that’s the way out”. This relationship between Blanche and Stella is very important throughout the play, continually changing, yet emphasising the complex and divers relationships

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