Literary Argument: The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Literary Argument - The Glass Menagerie The play “Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams is an autobiographical work reflecting on his personal life. It is one of his major plays to come into view on Broadway in which he outlines numerous societal as well as personal problems (Leverich 56). Some of the major problems that he brings out include seclusion of outsiders in society, single motherhood hardships, and disability difficulties in a family setting and how the young people struggle to building careers. The play is given a family setting in which Amanda (the mother) is abandoned by her husband and left to take care of her two children (Tom and Laura). Nelson (92) suggests that the play is guided by the illusion created by the main characters, where each one of them chooses to live a world of fantasy in order to escape from the agonizing reality. To start with, Amanda chooses to live in the past in which she relates all her experiences to. This is because while in the South during the…show more content…
Qun (1) concurs that at first she is seen to indulge in the world of old records with glass animals, something which turns out to be her real happiness. She seems to be aware of her limitations and chooses to escape the school of business which did not fit her emotional needs. By occupying herself with glass menagerie, she evades the harsh reality that she is disabled. When Jim the young man provides Laura with hope, her illusion was destroyed and she looked at herself as an ordinary person. Actually, she appreciated how the unicorn accident changed her circumstances. Leverich (58) clarifies that although, the play presents Laura as the weakest member of the family, and she turns out to be the emotional hero in that family. She even refuses to challenge the fantasies of others because she knows that all of them depend on the fantasies for

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