Uncertainty In A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Uncertainty causes a person to second guess their abilities to solve problems, it impairs a person’s ability to think clearly and to see the problem objectively. If a person is unable to see the problem objectively they will be unable to find a solution. When a person is unsure of their ability to solve problems they tend to hide from people and society, they don’t want to be around anything that will remind them of the problem. The idea of uncertainty is demonstrated throughout Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. The events of a person's past when not dealt with begin to chip away at an individual and they start to doubt themselves. The doubts build and the individual may find themselves creating illusions to mask their reality from other people and themselves. The illusions begin to collapse when the uncertainty catches up to them and the facade comes crashing down bringing reality. Blanche cannot reconcile her doubt about her past with the reality of her present…show more content…
Blanche’s late husband was gay, because of this she is uncertain if he ever loved her. She cannot deal with his suicide because she measures her self worth on a man's interest in her, and she is uncertain of his interest in her. Blanche and her husband were very young when they married, she felt happy and in love when they were first married. She remembers these feelings and tries to recapture her youth and the feeling of being wanted by kissing teenage boys. She is trying to return to the past but she cannot. Blanche then tries to find another husband to take care of her and relive her past feelings of being wanted. When that fails, she fabricates illusions to surround herself with and continues trying to recreate the past. She doesn’t want to face reality, she is trying to find ways to go back to a time where she was happy. A person’s inability to move on from the past makes it easy for them to create a

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