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Unethical behavior is very much commonly practiced in the workplaces all over the world. Some practices are obvious and affecting the performance of an organization greatly in which legal actions are imposed in order to solve the problem. Most of the time organizations face minor cases or hidden false claims by the employees whether they realize or not. In this case, what measures should be taken to prevent minor false claim issues or how to deal with the minor false claimers? We categorize the recommendations according to different perspectives of individuals in an organization. The first category is based on the false claimer himself. If the false claimer is aware that he is behaving ethically wrong, he should reflect himself on what he…show more content…
Most of the people at some point or another in their career will come face to face with a colleague or supervisor practicing unethical behavior. The employees who witness the false claim act of others immediately face a difficult decision: turn a blind eye, or do something about it? There are issues that the witness will have to confront on both sides. If he ignores the behavior, he will face the possibility of having his own moral crisis. If the action is illegal, the best thing he should do is to inform his supervisor or manager about it, both for the sake of the company and for his own…show more content…
Consider implementing pre-employment personality tests that determine a candidate's capacity for wrongdoing and be sure that the business's plan clearly states that unethical means do not justify the ends. “Make sure to check references and do background checks,” advised Schroeder. “There are a lot of statistics about people who lie on resumes. Make sure to look into each employee and in some industries, drug testing is important.”1 As for the case of false claiming, there are various ways to deter deceptive practices, including the establishment of procedures that require authorizations for more than one person, or expense reports that require valid receipts, and many others. “Make sure to have checks and balances in place,” Schroeder said. “For example, for every check paid, make sure it has a double signature. No one should have sole ownership for signing all the checks. Cross training is also important. No one person should know only one business function, regardless of how small you

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