Non Diegetic Sound Analysis

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Music has been an influential part of cultures around the world for centuries. Studies have shown that music has positive effects on the brain, especially when it is combined with film. The physiological effects of film scores range from contentment to utter fear, depending on the type of sound wave produced. “Music makes a movie” (Duke), as well as alters the viewer's perception of movie scenes. Many people believe that all music in movies is a soundtrack, which is completely wrong. A soundtrack is a collection of music that was not specifically written for the movie. Soundtracks can have music from all genres, including pop and classical. Although “soundtracks can produce the same reaction in us whether the music is good or bad” (Stewart),…show more content…
These sounds are typically used to aid in the transitions between movie scenes and to help draw emotion from a viewer. Diegetic sound is “any voice, musical passage, or sound effect presented as originating from a source within the film's world” (Bordwell and Thompson). Anything from grass whistling in the wind to cars honking their horns is considered diegetic sound as long as the sound comes directly from the scene. For the most part, diegetic sound is not predictable unless the scene is filmed in a studio. Non-diegetic sound, on the other hand, is sound “...represented as coming from a source outside the space of the narrative” (Bordwell and Thompson). An example of non-diegetic sounds is a narrator's voice or music coming from outside the scene. Non-diegetic sound can be used to invoke external information or emotion for the viewer. Since music is a type of non-diegetic sound, so are film scores. Film scores are written based on what the contents of the scene are, and therefore are extremely helpful to directors. Directors use film scores as a type of non-diegetic sound because the music not only draws emotion from the viewer, but also aids in the transition from scene to scene. Without film scores, or any non-diegetic sound, a movie would have several awkward transitions and might not make complete

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