The Great Gatsby Decline Of The American Dream

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What is the American dream? The American dream to me is every citizen of America should have equal rights and he should have equal opportunity to achieve his goal and success through hard work. However when anyone cheats or does any illegal activity to achieve his American dream, he gets the wrong meaning of American dream. In the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is about the decline of American dream. The main character of this book is Jay Gatsby, and his position in this country represents the hollowness of American dream. Fitzgerald uses themes to draw the decline of American dream, such as the valley of ashes, the green light, and materialism. Jay Gatsby belongs to a poor family, he creates his own new identity with his luxurious life, he owns huge home, Rolls Royce car, and lots of friends . Everybody knows him as a millionaire. From the outer surface, he is successful financially and socially, and he is the perfect example of American dream achiever. However, if we focus on his life, he is a failure which decline the American dream. In chapter one the narrator named Nick mentions, Here Gatsby focuses on green light which is located on Daisy’s East Egg and it is hardly noticeable from Gatsby’s West Egg. The green light Gatsby sees as a big part of his American…show more content…
Here Nick shows the reader how Gatsby spends his money to entertain him. Every Saturday night Gatsby throws a lavish party, with Jazz music that is marked the corruption of American dream. His excessive desire for pleasure and money, obviously corrupts moral purpose. He involves in crime to earn money to impress Daisy, and to win her love. The narrator tells, Gatsby symbolizes the structured crime of bootlegging, which declines the idea of American dream. American dream is about working hard to achieve dream not it is about to involve in illegal
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