Huxley Brave New World Marxist Analysis

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Beliefs are what pulls this all together-to make not only one person believe but many. Huxley explains this in the book Brave New World by not only having some to one class but many to one class and to condition them not to think anything more or anything less. This is ultimately what they the “higher powers” want to prove, to prove that oppressed social classes can believe and will believe in belief systems through existence of political, religious, and educational. Not only in the utopian society of Brave New World, but in our very own society today. To have false hope in something we all know is based on the materialism of oppression. The basis in when one participates in class-based ideologies is what affects initially the quality of a…show more content…
Thus connecting to Marxism to not only make one’s class believe it’s true but have it look like it’s the “natural way” to dominate others. Through the process of status quo, to not only not question the status quo but the awareness it has to pull forward a society and its conceptual idea that class struggle is what digs the hole of power consumption. The masses of society are taught this through oppression, the process of understanding the true dynamics to take the challenge and reverse the “natural way” to the right way. Huxley writes, “You can’t make flivvers without steel- and you can’t make tragedies without social instability” (Huxley220). Marxist analysis of this belief is a testament to a human’s action, past, present, and to be able to create a stable future. To have a long lasting influence of social construction of organization. To not only help determine the quality and value of our lives but of our society. To question whether our bare “facts” relate to opportunities available to us and our society. To focus critically on the poor motivation that one as an individual can’t understand by him/herself but by what a group goes by. Hall writes, “…the wide variety of social meanings attributed to that status and to the goods and services”

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