Personal Values In Human Services

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Professional Ethics and Personal Values Introduction Within the human services profession and any other the profession that is put in place to help others, there are many rules and regulations that must be followed. Things such as values, and this is what is going to be discussed in this paper. Within this paper it is going to explain why these values are so important as well as many other things when it comes to values. There are numerous values to touch on but we are only going to discussed a few just to let everyone know the significance of each value whether good or bad. As human service professional we must do our best to support and advocate for those who cannot do for themselves. By doing this HSP must be knowledgeable of the rules and…show more content…
The positive way they can impact the service delivery is that these values can draw a client and HSP closer when working together. These values can impact the services delivery in other good ways as these values are practice they help to assure ethical guidelines which promotes confidentiality, respect, and recognition of the rights of the clients, which are known as a code of ethics. These ethics guidelines helps promotes the privacy of the customer when dealing with his or her problems or situations (Sessoms, 2017). There are also some negative aspects of theses values in the HSP. They can be negative if they are not followed by the HSP, which could cause for many HSP losing their jobs due to incompetence. These values can be negative also when clients and HSP work together and form a relationship which can cause boundaries to be cross because of some misunderstanding of their relationship. If these boundaries are crossed it could lead to malpractice suit of the company as well as HSP losing their license. Not following these values will not allow the HSP to tackle some of the issues that their clients are having, which has confined the professionals within a particular code of conduct; which has slowed the creativity, innovation, and the motivation of commitment to human service delivery (NOHS,…show more content…
The both of them must respect their client, and assure their clients that he or she is receiving their undivided help. Their duties are to both help to safeguard the privacy of each of their clients, using client privacy and confidentiality. The both of them also differ in a way, meaning in the medical field there is something known as beneficence. In which a client is given the right to make his or her own decision. As in the HSP field client are not given that right because their decision could affect society as a

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