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Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville portrays Tocqueville’s own observations of the United States during his visit in 1831. Originally the purpose of his travels was to study the prison systems of the United States, but by the time he returned to France he had many ideas of how Europe could learn from the United States. Tocqueville examined the structure and function of democracy in the United States, and after reading his accounts it is clear that he supports rule of the people. For the most part Tocqueville’s ideas and observations of the United States are still relevant to the United States today, however, there are some instances that differ from what Tocqueville witnessed during his stay. Of all the ideas Tocqueville expressed…show more content…
Without a democratic society, citizens would not have the ability to do as they please. They would not, for example, be able to choose their own career path or travel the world and help those around them. It seems that Americans are becoming too focused on all that a democratic society offers and forgetting about the main purpose which is to have an impact in the government of the United States. Young citizens, especially, do not understand the importance of voting as many feel that their choices do not have much effect on the government as a whole. In today’s society it is necessary to reevaluate what it means to have democratic roots so that the United States can become even better than it already is. In addition to democracy as a whole, there are two issues that stem from equality that are still dominant in American society, the first being individualism. Tocqueville states that “individualism is of democratic origin, and threatens to grow as conditions get more equal.” In other words, equality of the people is fueling individualism, because as people are becoming more and more equal they begin to focus more on themselves than others. Democracy is unique, because, unlike other forms of government, it does not rely on the bonds among

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