How Does Gravity Affect Space Time

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Time travel Until this moment, people are still intrigued by the name of Time Machine. Yes, indeed it is very curious, because if it can be realized to be real, then we will be able to distort time, from one dimension to another. The following will discuss theoretical explanation about the time machine. 1. Understanding the Time Room a. Misconception About Space Time What do you think about time? "The time is always running at the same speed in the whole universe" What do you think about space? "Yes space for granted, 3 dimension and static" Then you are wrong, it turns out that time is relative space, can vary, depending on the circumstances, and this is the proof: b. Evidence of Relativity Space Time There are two things that can affect…show more content…
Well, first you do not misunderstand about gravity. Gravity is not just something that interests you to the earth, not just that. Gravity is the bending of space and time that is done by heavy things, and the bigger the mass of an object, the greater the bending of space-time does. And this is the proof of the bending? This happens because the galaxy through which the light has a large mass, so that the curved space-time. And when the light passing through it, the light path is also bent, become plasticity bulging. Why can bend space-time due to a large mass? This is because the space-time is like a cloth. If a sheeting stretched, and you placed a bowling ball on it, then it will bend according to the bowling ball, right? That's what happens in this universe, the bending of space by mass objects. 2. Go Into the Future a. with Speed So the theory is this way: "We are moving at speeds approaching the speed of light, so the time goes slower for us, and so we are back to normal speed, then the earth is futuristic". It's just that there is a problem regarding this: Hooked speeding must know, the faster an object with mass to move, the heavier it is. And the weight of something, the greater the power needed for moving it. So, to move us closer to the speed of light, it takes tremendous energy, and all energy on earth was not going to be enough. b. with…show more content…
This is because the definition of science itself says "is the effort to discover and increase human understanding of how physical reality works." From all the researched that had been done all this while, time travel study is an attempt to increase the understanding of how time and space work. While being under the science category, time travel is categorised into the pseudoscience category at the same time. Because a pseudoscience is defined as "Any knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice that lacks supporting evidence or plausibility". , It is impossible to be sure whether time travel exists because since then until now, there is no possible methods to test out the time travel

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