Advantages Of E-Commerce

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first step in defining the strategy of expanding e-commerce is to determine what the role of e-Commerce will play in the overall strategy. From the lowest risk option for the committed expansion, the roles are defined by the following spectrum :  Build Brand / Generate Demand: For retailers with limited knowledge in certain markets, e-commerce can be used to create brand awareness and generate initial ideas on demand. Online marketing tactics, such as news sites and social media can help raise awareness and demand for the Mark whether or not sold directly on the market.  Test and learn the target markets: For markets where there is brand awareness and retailers are looking for physically expanded, ecommerce serves as an important channel for key information…show more content…
4. DISADVANTAGES OF E-COMMERCE  Purchase to delivery To make a purchase at a brick and mortar, the product is obtained when you pay for it. On the web, there may be a lapse of time from purchase to actually be able to consume. The consumer will have to wait for delivery of physical goods.  Inability to feel physically It is nearly impossible to sell things like furniture and tires online. Furniture is something people like to sit on and know the feel. Tires need to be installed once purchased. The old tires also need to be disposed of. In both instances, there is a need for real actions to fulfill the reason for the purchase. That’s why things like food, jewelry, antiques etc. can never turn to E-commerce.  Trouble in recruiting employees The company Needs well-expert and skilled staff to keep up and create the ecommerce facilities of the company. Many companies favor to outsource their improvement and programming tasks to decrease labor costs.  Consumer are less confident with their credit

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