How Did Betsy Ross Make The Flag

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Mae West once said “Good women are no fun… the only good woman I can recall in history was Betsy Ross. And all she ever made was a flag.” Mae West did not just say this quote because she was a struggling actress that needed respect in the past, she said this on Betsy’s behalf that died trying to earn respect from other people including us. Even though she was castigated by many, over the course of her eighty-four years on earth she accomplished more than any could imagine like sewing for the Revolutionary War, joined a war supporting Quaker group, created the nation’s flag, and many other accomplishments that went unwritten in American history. Some might say that American hero, George Washington lied that he asked Betsy Ross to make the first flag American and that all two of her three husbands died because of her making the flag because of evidence. Nevertheless, it is absolutely critical that…show more content…
The first reason that Mrs. Ross should have a greater place in the history is that she made the first American flag. On one side of the debate, some people might say that there is lack of evidence of Betsy making the flag. Certainly, they have not looked at the right evidence to see that there are countless reports of people close to Betsy admitting that she made the flag. Despite this claim, researchers have their own opinion which could be that there are not enough reasons, but there are countless reports and evidence of Mrs. Ross sewing the first flag. For instance, the article “Betsy Ross and the American Flag” illustrated by states,“

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