The Importance Of Digital Footprints

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In life the things we do follow behind us. Whether our actions are moral, immoral, memorable, important, unimportant, personal, or not personal they all leave some sort of trace behind. These trails and marks that follow us are what make our experience of the life we live. Whether we recall something precious or regretful the actions we has a purpose. I like to call these marks the “footprints” of life. Our footprints can be as simple as a nostalgic memory of your childhood to as complex as a listing the things we have done in a resume for the job you are trying to land. Everything we do effects our footprints which is why we must be careful in the choices we choose to make because they do and will impact our lives. With the advancement of…show more content…
Like most people if you search hard enough you will find my Myspace, where social media all happened and in there you would just find out what I was like when I was little and if you knew what to search you would also just find some cringy videos of some friends and me that we made when we were young. Thing such as Instagram and Pintrest you can find me as well, but those social media's are used to show my hobbies or what I am interested in at the moment. I would say that my digital footprint represents who I am and what I stand for. I believe that if a unbeliever would discover that I am Christian if they were really to dig deep into the web to try and find any dirt on me. Like I stated before, I try to keep my Facebook as minimal as possible and use my blog and my Youtube to share about who I really am. I think the way I handle my digital footprint is very responsible. The things I post and share, and are allowed to be shared are very thought out before I decide to click that post button. Of course I have made mistakes and there are probably some things that could have a negative effect on my appearance but I try to be very cautious to what I do

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