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Ed Gein: The Original Psycho Many movies have portrayed a psychotic killer who eats his victims such as “Hannibal,” a young psychotic man who is obsessive over his dead mothers body “Psycho,” and crazy man who ruthlessly murders and mutilates people, tearing off their face and wearing it as his own “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” These horrific movies that seem to be unimaginable acts of deviance are all based off of one ruthless man, Ed Gein. Born in Plainfield, Wisconsin in a small rural farm area Gein’s family life brought about his attraction to make many creations out of human skin. The escalation of desire spun out of control after his mother’s death in 1945, leaving him all alone on the farm. In which his creations were born, becoming known for his horrific art. Background…show more content…
He had one older brother and they shared the experience of growing up with a religion fanatic mother and abusive alcoholic father. Their father George Gein was in and out of jobs and could become quite violent. The real suffering came at the hands of their mother, Augusta Gein, she was an extremely religious women would not allow her sons to leave the scared farm other than for school. She did not want their minds to be tainted by the sinful influence of others (Taylor, 2004). She preached the bible to her sons but only seemed to read the most gruesome scripture of murder and death. Her wild preaching’s about women depicted them all as whores and spoke of the evils of sexual temptation. In her eyes her sons were never good enough they would just end up like their sinful drunk father (Taylor,

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