Guga Short Story

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A long time ago there lived a very beautiful woman named Guga who was from a fish tribe. She was in love with two different men, but they had a slightly different personality , Goanna was very strong, greed and brave he expressed his love to Guga by showing off his strength as well his hunting skills on the other side the turtle man Budgial was very romantic he would bring sweet fruits, flowers and cuddle with her while watching the sun go down as she talked he would listen patiently and held her close in his arms but he was a coward. One day Guga was getting teased by a group of people. She looked at the turtle and told him to scare them. When turtle went to fight he ended up being friends with them. Guga was so mad and disappointed and felted…show more content…
His still strong and powerful until this day. The fish and the turtle lived happily after in the water. The issue in this story is that Guga loves two-man one called Goanna the other Budgial and she's having a hard to decide who she wants to be with. Goanna protects her but does not express his love instead he tries to impress her with his strength but Budigal expresses his love and affection towards her. He completes most of her needs it's just that he's a coward and she wants someone who will protect her, someone she can trust, feel safe around and not betrayed. Guga was emotionally affected when she was getting teased from a bunch of people, but what hurted her the most is that her lover beatyerd her when she need him the most instead of standing up he left her on the spot and become friends with those people who teased her. It takes places in the river which is where fishes and frogs live and the desert where Goannas live. This story took place very long time ago the keyword that gave it away was dreamtime, which is a term used for way back, the First Nations believed that the entire world was created by the sprites such as the people, rocks, mountains, rivers, creeks,

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