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Lord Huron has been a staple in the indie rock festival circuit for years, but at best they were openers for other more established bands. However, with their sophomore LP, Strange Trails, opened new avenues to the band. With the release of Strange Trails in April of 2015, Lord Huron delves into a mythos of adventure, daring their listeners to take the eerie journey through the stranger trails with them. Lord Huron sweeps their audience up in a whirlwind of alternative realities where they “take a journey into the unknown” (“Meet Me in the Woods”, Strange Trails). Lord Huron offers the same amount of mystery and intrigue in their live performances as in their LPs. The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina was the venue where I saw them…show more content…
It harkens back to a time before the auto-tuned, mass-produced musicians took over the airwaves. As they performed several songs from their sophomore album, their perfectly styled hair becomes undone and makes them seem more concrete, somehow. It offers the idea of perfection turning to imperfections, something that is also highlighted in Strange Trails. Ben Schneider moves around the stage with Elvis-like qualities during their more upbeat songs like “Hurricane Johnnie’s Theme”. Going up on his tip-toes, tossing his head around, and clearly enjoying the music as much as any fan would. “The World Ender” was clearly one of the fan favorites of the night. It was one of my personal favorites as well; I ended up with a “World Ender” t-shirt from the merchandise booth before the night was over. As the bass player strummed the first few notes, the crowd became uncontainable. As the lead singer sang, “I’m a world ender, baby, and I’m coming for you” he pointed to the crowd. The song tells the story of a man raised from the grave and hellbent on revenge, not resting until he destroys those who killed him. “The fair, the brave, and the good must die” boasts

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