How Did F Scott Fitzgerald Present The Change In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920’s was a decade of dramatic social and political change in the United States of America. The decade of the 1920’s is known as the “Roaring Twenties” or the “Jazz Age”. This decade of mass change, brought about by World War I, launched the United States into the Modern Era. The changes of this decade were a result of individuals trying new things which had never been done before. People left their comfort zones, experimenting with new roles and ideas. Some of these changes included the boom in the average person’s wealth, the change of the role and personality of women, prohibition, and the rise of consumerism in society. These changes, both good and bad, were captured in one of the greatest American novels ever written. Francis Scott Fitzgerald, prompted mainly by his desire to live the “American…show more content…
The United States changed tremendously during the decade of the 1920’s. After a short recession in 1920 to 1921, America’s economy began to boom. Businesses began to use methods of mass production and new ideas to improve production and increase profit. As a result of this, the average American’s wage rose, allowing the wage earner to have more discretionary income. With the increase in income and the arrival of a new concept called credit, people were able to have more things than ever. Owning expensive items like cars, appliances, furniture, and radios became something achievable by the average American not only the wealthy. The new woman of the 1920’s was more independent and was allowed the right to vote. Due to the boom in the economy, the

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