The Great Gatsby Women Analysis

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During my 17 years of life i’ve had met so many different people that have somehow fit into the 1920’s women lifestyle. For example, my aunt she was a stay at home wife, she would go out with her husband everywhere, cook, clean and wouldn’t leave the house unless she was going to the market. However, some of my cousins from Mexico aren’t stay at home wifes. My cousins love to play with different guys just to get money out of them. Then, there is my sister who has a daughter and is independent, she works so hard but has her rebellious days on the weekend when she could just be free and wild. In the novel Nick interacts with three different women that were supposed to represent the women of the 1920’s. Tom Buchanan’s wife Daisy, his lover Myrtle and Nicks girlfriend Jordan. Nick sees everything these three women do throughout the novel, he doesn’t say anything however, because his father told Nick not to judge. Gatsby gets involved with these three women in a different way but he isn’t the one that notices what type of women they are. Fitzgerald slowly evolves these women's characters through Nicks…show more content…
A gold digger is a woman whose only reason to stay in a relationship is for material benefits and money. F. Scott Fitzgerald infers that Myrtle Wilson is a gold digger when she says, “ I told that boy about the ice’ Myrtle raised her eyebrows in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower order. ‘ These people! You have to keep after them all the time” (Fitzgerald 32). For this reason, Fitzgerald makes us believe that Myrtle wants to be in the upper social class with Tom but, she can’t because Tom is only her lover she wants to get money out of. Myrtle is in the lower social class because she lives in the valley of ashes so she goes out with Tom Buchanan just to be able to live the life she wants. Lastly, Myrtle gives us the idea of the gold digger since she is cheating with her husband on a rich

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