Explain The Tension Between Great Britain And American Colonies

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Great Britain and American colonies once encountered a political struggle. Therefore, those two began to use economics as a way to show and express how much power and control they both had. Parliament later began to write a few acts such as the Sugar Act and Stamp Act. These acts sparked the tension between Great Britain and the colonies. Colonists were tired of providing tax money to Great Britain. The colonists simply didn’t appreciate these laws and they did not comprehend. Great Britain’s laws began to debut after their fall in debt in the French and Indian war. A long and costly war had been fought in order to keep American subjects in place. Therefore, Parliament thought it would only be fair to tax American colonists in order to help pay for the war’s costs. Like any other people would have American colonists disagreed with paying these taxes. They believed that the only reason England had fought the war was to become a better country to strengthen their image. England didn’t care about protecting American subjects. Parliament had no purpose of taking their money by imposing taxes. Later a saying “No taxation…show more content…
All American colonists were required to obey the law, for the act stated that a tax had to be paid for every sheet of paper that was printed. All types of legal documents, newspapers, licenses and even playing cards were taxed and people didn’t feel comfortable paying taxes all the time. Immediately the act sparked a group of protesters yelling “No taxation without representation”. Colonists started to boycott British goods. The actual cost of the stamps was relatively small. American colonists became angry since they saw it was an attempt by England in order to raise money. Which leads back to the aftermath of the French and Indian war. England had to find a way to repay all damage and costs of the war. What better way to get money and try to cover up their tracks, then to impose such

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