Black Panthers Vs Ten Point Plan

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A dream is a great fantasy in which our greatest desires, often farfetched, can be achieved with little or no effort; what if that dream can become a reality. The United States fully backs this notion as its main attraction to its 41.3 million resident immigrants is its very own American Dream. This dream, although bliss has many “grey areas” that history’s darkest corners are no stranger to. To address these “grey areas” many have attempted to add their bits and pieces to perfect this dream, one such group has been the Black Panthers and their Ten Point Plan. Their goals focus on making their nation a better place for them by taking actions into their own hands, and although they made substantial achievements, present events show that more…show more content…
Even after the struggles of great leaders such as Martin Luther King and Malcom X the civil rights movement had slowed down and almost arrived at a halt. It seemed as if the peace tactics of Martin Luther King did not continue after his assassination and peace needed to be replaced by action; under the influence of the late Malcom X the Black Panthers did just that. They began by documenting their demands in the Ten Point Plan, their doctrine of sorts. These ten demands were based around three core ideas all of which coincide with the American dream, humane treatment with proper healthcare, housing, and jobs/education; eradicating racist aggression, and full control over the black community and it’s functioning. The Panthers just wanted their basic rights so they too like countless others achieve the American dream, but unlike most others they felt that their black community was held back with obstacles which did not allow them to achieve the dream. So through the Ten Point plan they hoped to fill the “grey areas” that held them back and took action into their own hands because to them the citizens of a nation should be held accountable for their nation to be a better…show more content…
The aim of the Black Panthers was to give blacks their natural rights which should have been available to them as the residents of this country, rights including proper education, decent living conditions, and the benefit of the doubt. The likely reason to fight for the rights and rally one of the largest movements in this country’s history was just to in the end be in the running for the pursuit of happiness. This pursuit is what the American Dream is in essence. It is this very happiness which drives the 41.3 million immigrants to leave their homelands, and for those African Americans who call the United States of America home, where were they supposed to go off to; the Panthers had no choice but to take a stand and declare their demands in the Ten Point Plan for the betterment of their nation. If the Black Panthers did not stand up for their community back then today all others be it Asian, Latino, or Middle Eastern would have suffered the same unnecessary aggression and horrible quality of life. Their approach to address this situation, although extreme (giving rise to chaos and public unrest) had a lasting

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