Mustapha Mond: An Analysis

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Humans with more freedom than others are not privileged, but restricted. Early on in our lives we are told that we can be anything we want. Overjoyed, we become unaware of the growing restrictions that come with time. These restrictions can be laws, school, grades, currency, social class, and even our own DNA. In Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, the author uses Mustapha Mond to demonstrate how an individual's freedom and thirst for knowledge can cause them to conform. Civilization is a restricting environment for individuals. There has always been a conflict in-between an individual's instincts and civilizations instincts. Humans will always have a quest for freedom, but on the contrary civilization will always demand for conformity. As a result of this instinctive repression; laws are mad to prohibit our harmful desires for the well-being of a…show more content…
The civilization of today works in a way that attracts people towards conformity. It is not a trick, but if they do chose to conform to it; society will naturally make an individual's life easier. The real trick is that civilization wants to make them believe that they are right in choosing to conform, and it does this by seducing them. No matter how stubborn the individual may be civilization will always find a way to seduce them. However in some cases where the individual absolutely refuses to conform they end up exiled from the civilization. For instance, Mustapha Mond who is faced by a similar experience as he explains in the text, "...I preferred this... I was given the choice; to be sent to an island, where I could have got on with my pure science, or to be taken on to the controllers council with the prospect of succeeding in course to an actual controllership."(Huxley,200). Mustapha deceives himself in believing that he had a choice when in reality it was conformity or he would be exiled from the normal

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