Mulungu Flees The Cruelty Of Mankind Analysis

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Why God is Remote Many people wonder, if people in the past talked to their god so easily, what has happened to make it so hard to talk to them now? In the story “Mulungu Flees the Cruelty of Mankind” there is a God named Mulungu, who lives on Earth with all of the peaceful animals. One day, Chameleon caught two miniature humans, a male and a female, inside a fish trap. He brings them to Mulungu and is told to put them on the ground and they will grow. The humans did grow, and as they did, evolved. They learned how to make fire, but in doing so started uncontrolled forest fires that destroyed much of the peaceful land. They killed the friendly animals and ate them. Mulungu was outraged that humans were destroying his land and killing his friends. He decided that he could not take it anymore, and he would leave the earth. He called to a spider, and the spider spun a rope for him and he climbed into the sky. At the end of the story, it states, “Thus the gods were driven off the face of the earth by the cruelty of man.” This story is pretty straightforward in its meaning, and has elements of peace, chaos, and abandonment. The beginning of “Mulungu Flees the Cruelty of Mankind” is about a very peaceful land. The only beings living there are peaceful creatures and their god. This represents life without greed, cruelty,…show more content…
He could not change the very nature of humans, so he decided to leave the earth and its inhabitants to fend for themselves. However, in doing so, he left the animals that he called his people. There were many reasons for him to leave, but there were also many things he could have done if he had stayed. If he had stayed, he could have helped protect his people and taught the humans how to live peacefully, with everyone’s lives and the environment in mind. However, there is no explicitly correct choice between whether he should leave or

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