Who Is Responsible For Cleopatra's Death

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The Murder of Cleopatra VII Philopator She was not only a marvelous ruler of her time, but also the last pharaoh of Egypt. She had battled for survival and power her entire life. She was Cleopatra VII Philopator. She was an icon in the name of beauty and opulence. But when the circumstances of her death are taken into account, they do not fit her character. Contrary to popular belief, Cleopatra had not committed suicide, but had been murdered under the command of Octavian. The murder is supported through Octavian’s rage towards Cleopatra, his desire to gain Egypt through a smooth transition, and his lack of presented evidence suggesting suicide. When intimately looking into the description of Cleopatra’s death, it can be seen that the pieces…show more content…
During the Roman capture of Egypt, Cleopatra was residing within her beautiful chamber decorated with luxurious silk, veils, and pillows resting by her side. She was equipped with a woven basket set beside her. She reaches over to the basket and opens the lid. She proceeds to pull out an asp from inside. Cleopatra gazes into the eyes of the snake and asks the it to take her to Isis. The snake rears its head and makes a blow at Cleopatra, leaving two bloody marks above her breasts. Octavian then arrives inside of the chamber to find her; he dismisses his men in anguish to see the deceased queen and her handmaidens lying cold and lifeless. According to the records, this is how Cleopatra’s death occurred. She took her last breath on August 12, 30 B.C. after Octavian (grand nephew of Julius Caesar) had conquered Egypt. History books claim Cleopatra had committed suicide by asp in order to not fall into the hands of Octavian. But why exactly would she commit such an act, being very unlike her? Some historians have suggested that Cleopatra committed suicide to avoid humiliation of the Roman ruler. Octavian had stated

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