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Leo Africanus is a man who had many adventures throughout his life. The book Leo Africanus, written by Amin Maalouf, is a fictional story based on real events in Africanus' life. One of the main themes present throughout Leo Africanus is the idea of a good deal of tension between the Christians and the Muslims. Religion has an influence in Leo’s personal life because religion saves him and hinders his progress multiple times; it is ever present during his entire journey. Leo Africanus, first named Hasan, was born in Granada, Spain. Hasan's birth happened during the last years of Islamic occupation, which becomes the first connection he has to religion. When Hasan was very young the Castilians took over the homeland of Hasan and his family, which led to the family fleeing Spain to seek a new home in Morocco. Hasan's family finally took residence in the city of Fez. As a young boy, Hasan gets himself and his family in trouble with Zarwali; a thief and murderer. Zarwali had the ear of…show more content…
Hasan is an interesting person to look at in the book because he does not maintain allegiance to a certain ideal or religion. While in Rome, towards the end of the book, Hasan even confesses his conversion, is baptized, and becomes a Christian. Hasan may have been a Muslim at heart but this shows how flexible Hasan’s ideals were. However, just because Hasan's religious views were flexible, it does not mean that he was an immoral man. He did not give in when he found himself in prison. Hasan accepted his fate graciously, and without cursing God. In the end, it was these qualities that put him in good standing with the countless people he met along his journey. His acceptance and curiosity of other cultures worked, made it easier for him to take positions on issues that others wouldn’t have dared to take. People's religion did not matter to Hasan. In his eyes, everyone were children of the same

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