How Did The Middle Kingdom Influence Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Devon Cooperider Facilitator List Professor Kosmetatou 10/3/2015 The Middle Kingdom and Introduction to the Second Intermediate Period In this week’s readings, it describes a lot of new and/or remodified versions of Egyptian culture, as well as important topics of discussion. More and more people started migrating into the region of Egypt, and thus bringing with them changes. This included the praising and high worshipping of Osiris, the god of the underworld. It also included a wide variety of literature to be created as well. As the Second Intermediate Period started to be in effect, the Hyksos gained control and were very important in the history of Egypt. In the readings, the Middle Kingdom is known for many things, including new and…show more content…
A lot of papers and stories came during this time. “Many of the works known today were composed in the Middle Kingdom, and later Egyptians saw several of them as classics” (Van der Mieroop 121). This is a lot considering what all was going on at this time. A lot of genres of literature were made at this time, as opposed to the Old Kingdom, where literature seemed to stick to only one central topic and or area of literature. “Later Egyptians used Middle Kingdom works to educate scribes. For some compositions we have dozens of copies students made in the New Kingdom, and it seems that there was a set curriculum they had to learn” (Van der Mieroop 122). This is pretty interesting as this was like a central base of knowledge that they studied and educated themselves…show more content…
This city was found by King Amenemhat I. It was near the sea, therefore it was good for trade as well as for obtaining resources. Animal burials were prevalent in this area, and it was a sign of power amongst the people. Although it was considered to be a major city in Ancient Egypt, it also came with some disasters. “An epidemic seems to have hit the town late in the dynasty and shallow burials with several occupants indicate a sudden drop in the population” (Van der Mieroop 129). More than one person in a burial can be linked with a lot of deaths in a short period of time. This can be from war and/or a disease that went about the

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