Analysis Of The Pleasures Of Eating By Wendell Berry

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Wendell Berry, who is an author, environmental activist, and a farmer is a big advocate of eating properly. He speaks about it very seriously in his article “The Pleasures of Eating” where he mentions the people’s ignorance in the food industry. Berry believes we as consumers should know what we put into our bodies, be it healthy or not. I agree with Berry and believe people should not be ignorant concerning what we eat. I've suffered from being ignorant for almost all my life, but thankfully my family and I have learned about the food we eat. I also understand that some people may not be as fortunate to know about food. First of all, eating should always be a pleasure, with the highest quality, sustainably produced foods. Yet this can not be a possibility with all the ignorance in today's current food industry. Food is being processed to the point where we as the consumers can not tell what we are putting into our bodies. For all we know we could be putting…show more content…
Every single day consisted of fast food and sugary beverages. Colorful packages of snacks lined the house and were available at all times. Up until about a year ago we started to finally realize our mistake and started our journey on eating much healthier. I begged and begged my mother to cook something healthy for once for a change of pace. Not only did my family and I enjoy, we all got inspired to cook healthy meals and try to change our lives for the better. Now my mother and I cook everyday and my father joins us on the weekends or when he’s not working. We try to incorporate as much organic food as possible and stay away from genetically modified food. When my grandparents visit from Mexico to stay with us for a few months, my grandfather creates a makeshift garden and plants whatever he can during that time of the year. We're very privileged to be able to eat fresh foods that doesn't harm

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