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This beautiful piece of craftsmanship is a sunken relief illustrating Horus during the Egyptian era, precisely New kingdom period, 1295-1886 BCE in the city of Edfu. The four feet tall falcon headed god was carved out of limestone using a chisel like tool. The chisels were used to cut back within the outlines of the figure, leaving the surface of the background at a higher level. Inscribed on the relief of Horus it states, “The Beautiful Horus, the great God, Lord of Heaven, one who is foremost the Bahet”, which appears to have been made to idolize the god-king Horus. Son of Isis and Osiris, Horus is the God of the sky and one of the earliest and most symbolic gods in ancient Egyptian religion. He was most often illustrated as a man…show more content…
Egyptians utilized various types of symbols for different gods, commonly related to animals. Much of the symbols on the relief depict Horus’ power and influence; we see this by how he is the only large standing figure in the center of the sculpture. Horus appears to have the shape of a human body but the head of a falcon; known as anthropomorphism. Horus appears this way in most of Egyptian art and relief to emphasize that he is the king of the earth. Horus’ eye, also known as the Wedjat, is another symbol in this relief that is meant to represent safety, royal power and good health. His right eye was related to the sun god, Ra and his left eye, represented the moon. Lightly carved around Horus’ neck, a decretive necklace portrays his status and kingship. In his left hand, Horus is depicted holding an ankh, a slight hooked crossed signifying everlasting life and in the other hand he is holding a lengthy staff. This scepter was another symbol that emphasized his authority. Three crowns distinguished kingship in early Egyptian art; the elevated, bowling pin like of upper Egypt, the flat or curved cap with the protruding spiral of lower Egypt and lastly, the double crown representing unified Egypt. Illustrated in the relief, Horus is wearing the double crown representing that he is the force of good that will unify Lower and Upper

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