Comparing Beowulf And Martin Luther King

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What classifies a person as a hero? A hero is classified as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. One person who comes to mind as a hero is Martin Luther King, Jr. Another is the Anglo-Saxon warrior Beowulf. Both men had to fight monsters. Dr. King fought the monsters of racism, while Beowulf fought monstrous creatures. Heroes are remembered by not only how they performed, but also their characteristics. In the epic Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf, Beowulf displays his characteristics by being a man of fate, a fame seeker, and courageous. During the Anglo-Saxon period religion played a huge role in the people’s life. Only the priests and nuns were educated in this time period. That being said they would teach others about their religion and God. Beowulf is extremely religious. He sets out to battle Grendel because was not religious what so ever, attacking people and killing numerous people. In line 143 Beowulf and his men thank God for their easy crossing(45). “Alone the monsters. God must decide/ Who will be given to death’s cold grip” lines 269-70(48). Even in the midst of battle Beowulf shows his love and appreciation for his God.…show more content…
In lines 175-77 he speaks of how his father was a famous, well respected soldier who was known far and wide(46). Many young boys want to become just like their father as the grow older, Beowulf was no different. Beowulf also states in lines 626 “ But I will fight again, seek fame still(56). If he is seeking fame still, that leads one to believe he has been in it for the fame all along. In lines 502 it states,”But Beowulf/ Longed only for fame, leaped back/ Into battle. More evidence that the factor of fame is the reason continues to battle. Even in his old age fame was the motivation for Beowulf to return to battle as ruler of his

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