Fahrenheit 451 Society Analysis

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In every society there is always an outcast. These people are hated neglected or even killed because of their outside beliefs. It can be proven that when one person stands alone from a large group of people, that group will turn on the one for only one reason, that they are different. Human behavior is a very difficult and complicated thing to understand. How two people interact with each other is something that can be studied for hours. Something so small such as lifting an eyebrow can show a certain reaction to a certain emotion. In the futuristic society of Montag's time, everyone is expected to conform and bend to the whim of the government. This behavior of listening and obeying the laws of the society, is something that is buried…show more content…
These fears of mental imprisonment and nuclear war can be reflected to how Bradbury’s society was leaning prior to world war two. If Bradbury had not noticed and wrote down his feelings and concerns to this path, it is a very real possibility that we could be living in a book burning destructive society, that is corrupt, war hungry and willing to string anyone up to please the public, and to make sure nothing gets in the way of the government and the ultimate goal of total control and world domination over the brainwashed and fearful public. Although this is what Bradbury had warned us about and tried to prevent, isnt this what we have become, a power hungry, manipulating nation bend on making the world a better place in the eyes of our government, minus the book burning, nuclear war and brainwashed citizens. We can not change what we have done or what has happened due to what we have done, only hope to change what we will become, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury may not have had a large impact of the society of the time but has ultimately changed the perspective of future generations. This can all be shown in Montag's life changing experiences. It might have not been a huge and perfect impact,but we can determine that future generations did hear the warnings of bradbury and have undoubtedly changed the outcome of the

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