How Did Martin Luther King Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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From Montgomery to Memphis, Martin Luther King Jr. played one of the most significant, if not pivotal, roles in the African-American civil rights movement. Martin Luther King was the indisputable leader of the civil rights movement. He was heavily involved in the Montgomery bus boycotts through his leadership in the Montgomery Improvement Association. His leadership in the Birmingham campaign led to the end of segregation in public facilities. His involvement in the Selma to Montgomery marches also helped bring attention to discriminatory voting restrictions such as literacy tests, and paved the way for the Voting Rights Act. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organisation that King helped create, was a vital cornerstone of the movement, and…show more content…
The Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act were landmark pieces of legislation enacted as a result of King’s action and are still law to this day. His commitment to non-violence gained the respect of millions of people, including many politicians at the time. Today’s politicians still refer to King as an example of eloquence and bravery, from Santorum to Obama. The March on Washington, where King delivered his famous I Have A Dream speech, is renowned today in the fields of politics, history and public speaking. Martin Luther King’s actions affected millions of people, across races, generations and nations. He was named Time Person of the Year in 1963, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, and was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Numerous buildings and streets are named after King and several memorials honour him around the world. Other than George Washington, he is the only person to have a holiday dedicated to him. His legacy is still being taught today, and almost anyone you find on the street will know what King is famous
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