Norman Rockwell's 'Boy On High Dive'

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On the 16th of August 1947 Norman Rockwell's painting, Boy on High Dive, appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. I chose this piece to analyze conjures up recollections of feelings that we can all identify with. Rockwall's iconic creation depicts a favorite summer activity of every American child, furthermore, it artfully portrays an apprehension that is easy to recall no matter how old you are. Boy on High Dive immediately brings to mind the struggle to conquer that in life which frightens us, and the realization that it inevitably seems easier before we are on top of it, so to speak. Rockwell's use of light and color choices brilliantly give the painting such a life like quality that initially it is easily mistaken for a photograph. The viewer's perspective is from the ground looking up at the diving board and it's occupant. The image depicts a boy, belly down on a twenty foot high dive, holding on tight while peering down at the pool below. As he gapes over the edge, there is no mistaking the fearful expression on his face. Rockwell choose vibrant yellow and red to draw our attention to…show more content…
If he had begun his ascent up the ladder already afraid the picture would have been entirely different. The boy might have assumed his position immediately once he was at he top, or even at the boards half way point. If he were terribly frightened before he even got up there he may not have even traveled all the way to the top of the ladder before retreating back to the safety of the pool deck. By the simple placement of the boy at the end of the board. In doing so, Rockwell has surreptitiously hinted at the notion that there is not merely a sense of foreboding in the boy, but also an ardent fervor in the boy. All of these aspects come together in this piece as Rockwell set the stage for the story that he wants to tell

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