Brave New World Individualism Analysis

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Individualism vs Social Stability In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World the community or World State lives by a simple motto, “Community, Identity, Stability”. All citizens of the World State live their lives happily, never needing to worry about disease, death, or any other form of tragedy. Their lives are all predetermined, their emotions controlled to be non-existent, and are all controlled to be happy with what they are and always satisfied. There can be ways to achieve stability and happiness without being drugged to think that you’re happy. Towards the end of the book John and the Controller, Mustapha Mond, have a conversation with one another. Both sharing contradicting opinions of how a community should function. John represents everything…show more content…
They shut themselves out from anyone or anything that opposes the way their community lives. People within the World State who decide to be different and disrupt the community are sent off to an island to be with other people who chose to be different. The Controller sends Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson to the island because they are different and don’t act or think like the rest of the citizens. John asks for permission to join them because he doesn’t feel comfortable in the World State because he stands out so much. At that point John realizes he can never be accepted in the World State and won’t be able to stop the way they run their communities. Which then leads to John shutting himself out from the community. Where he ends up punishing himself for attempting to conform. John drew so much attention from the World State and was view as an animal in an exhibit. People were so amazed by his actions that were mainly caused from his emotions not being bottled up and kept hidden. The lack of emotions and knowledge of emotions caused confusion between the citizens of the World State and John's actions. They couldn't understand that John was extremely depressed and upset and all the attention worsened his emotions that later led to his

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