Unjust Laws Research Paper

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Emily Hershberger Mrs. Melanie Walters ENG 1113 29 September 2014 Unjust Laws Are a Matter of Opinion and Morals Life is made up of just and unjust laws. People will agree to disagree on whether or not a law is unjust. Not everyone will agree with one another about an unjust law being unjust or a just law being just, but does society really have unjust laws or is it all about opinions and morals? Do citizens believe that every law that is made by the government the best decision for everyone? Does everyone have the same opinion and morals? Unjust laws are simply a matter of opinion and morals of his or her belief. Some people will fight for what they believe in. Like Martin Luther King Jr., he inspired many people across America and changed the views of slavery (King 375). He also explained the different situations that…show more content…
and Henry David Thoreau took a different stand on how to change the views of citizens and to make situations fair for everyone, but they both made a statement on their beliefs and morals. Martin Luther King Jr. decided he needed to make a difference by going out and presenting speeches to citizens that were blinded by the unfairness of the lives for blacks (King 375). Thoreau decided he would take a stand by not paying his taxes and spending a night in jail, making the statement that he did not think that these laws were fair to everyone (Thoreau 303). They changed the lives of many and made the future a better opportunity for those who were suffering against slavery and unjust laws. Both of their actions would be approved by each other because they both showed intelligent and mature ways of approaching the situation against unjust laws. Both provided non-violent actions that made a huge impact for many lives. They both believed that violence would get citizens nowhere. Thoreau even believed that violence would start more wars, or would cause citizens to get hurt, and even cause death (Thoreau
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