The Foreigner, A Lesson Before Dying, And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Throughout HUM 3330 American Writers, we covered American literature including novel/plays, short stories and even poems. All these materials had their own meaning and taught us different things about ourselves, about society, and the world that we live in. All these texts had their own theme that the reader can relate to. In The Foreigner, A Lesson Before Dying, and The Yellow Wallpaper one theme that recurred in these three texts is identity. The Foreigner uses comedy, to inform the audience on the very concept of identity, how we tend to view ourselves. Sometimes we view our true self-identity as rather nasty, and at times, disposable. Throughout the play there few characters that struggle to discover their true identity. Charlie, Betty, and Catherine fight within the play…show more content…
Sometime we tend to allow our circumstances define us. Society labels us, makes us redefine our views, and we tend to conform to his concept of normality. We are forced to believe what others want us to believe; even being called names that prevent us from being ourselves. The more similar terms are toss around you tend to believe that your identity is probably defined as such. In A Lesson Before Dying two characters struggle with self-identity, Jefferson and Grant Wiggins. They formed a bond not by their choice and realized that sometimes just by simply choosing to fight the expected, it can become an act of heroism. Jefferson lawyer dehumanized him and he argue that a “hog” can be put in the electric chair. Grant would like Jefferson to discover his true form of identity, which I found quite ironic. How can Grant teach Jefferson how to die? The sheriff labeled Jefferson as a “contented hog,” Jefferson assume that title, similar situation appeared in The Foreigner when Charlie decided to assume the role of a foreigner. He even acted out the role as a foreigner, Jefferson did the

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