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The Holy Grail What would you think if you were told there was a magic vessel that can infinitely supply you with food and water in a time where there was no evidence to disprove it? If you were King Arthur or some other adventurer, you would want to find it. The Holy Grail was a vessel that originated around the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It’s been in many stories, movies, myths, and legends. One of its major points of reference came from Arthurian Legend, which is the time of King Arthur. There have been many theories, speculations, and expeditions surrounding the Grail. However, it has never been found, nor do many people believe it is real. The Grail went through three major times in its life: its origins, its time with St. Joseph, and its time in Arthurian legend. During its start in history, the Holy Grail was used mainly around the time Jesus Christ was crucified. Whenever he was at the Last Supper (the last meal he had before…show more content…
Joseph of Arimathea was one massive character in the Grail’s lifespan. St. Joseph is often stated as being the secret disciple of Jesus. While trapped in the tomb, the Grail gave St. Joseph sustenance in the tomb after Jesus’s resurrection. Afraid of still being labeled a traitor, he decided to go to Britain with his friends, family, and followers shortly after said incident, taking the Grail with him (Britannia). After staying there for a while, he sent the Grail to Corbenis to be guarded by the Grail Kings, who consisted of the descendants of his daughter and her husband at the time. Its power was realized shortly after it originated by St. Joseph, who was the one who used it in the grave. Also, if he hadn’t taken it with him on his journey to Britain, King Arthur might never have even heard about it. Furthermore, he was also the one who sent it to Corbenis, which was the location King Arthur was eventually told about. However, by the time King Arthur was starting his monarchy, the location of Corbenis was

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