How Did Winston Churchill Impact The World

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” (BrainyQuote, 2014). Winston Churchill was an inspirational leader in politics who left a timeless legacy. He made decisions that would remarkably impact the modern world. Churchill was profoundly involved in the British Empire’s government. He was one of the most prominent figures in Great Britain, holding many vital administrative roles from the beginning of his career to the end. Churchill also had other reputations aside from politics. He received numerous awards and ranks for his contributions to the other subjects he was interested in. The people’s opinion of Churchill is what made him such a well-known and highly regarded man.…show more content…
Further, he lead the Allies to victory with his perseverance and continuous effort. According to The Churchill Centre, he was the Prime Minister of Britain during the early years of the Second World War until the end of the war, making him the British Empire’s leader during the war. If he weren’t in office during this time, Hitler might have achieved his goal of world domination. The Second World War changed the way people thought about the world. The outcome of the war was that the Allies existed in the lives they wanted to experience. Indeed, Churchill was also the Chancellor of Exchequer, which means that he lead the economic structure of Great Britain beginning in 1924 (Her Majesty’s Government). He returned the Gold Standard back to the British Empire (John Cannon, 2002). Since gold was much more scarce than paper notes, this was predicted to have an economically catastrophic effect. In addition, Winston Churchill was a compelling and cogent person. He was a member of the Conservative Party twice, and the Liberal Party once (The Nobel Foundation, 1953). He held many high positions in both parties, and he persuaded people to agree with his resolutions and predictions. Winston Churchill was known for his many contributions, but being a politician is what he was mainly remembered

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