Similarities Between Luther And Thomas Paine

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America is truly the definition of beautiful. This nation is a portion of the world that accommodates the brave. Everyone was created to be equal. Being equal means that one can live by the foundations of America. You can become whatever you want to achieve in America. In America, question of authority, Religion and Politics are major issues in today’s society. Martin Luther, John Locke, and Thomas Paine are three men who wanted to express to society what the world truly needed. What the world truly needed was individualism. This “individualism” was the interpretation of what they believed the bible expressed to each member of society to abide by. In the Western world today, individualism is being taken out of context. Individualism has so…show more content…
However, his argument included the importance of property, and the understanding of the human mind. His opinion, is that the mind begins as a blank slate. He believed that if you “Follow a child from its birth, and observe the alterations that time makes, and you shall find, as the mind by the senses comes more and more to be furnished with ideas, it comes to be more and more awake”(John Locke, page 149). Following a child from birth would interpret many forms of sensations. Using this method of research would help one to gain the true knowledge of the human mind. The human mind can be a very dangerous object to observe. The mind can reveal emotions, upon one’s face. He was fascinated at what the mind could truly accomplish. John Locke believed that you were not born with this “knowledge” that everyone said they believed. So he wrote, “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”. After exploring the notion on human understanding, Locke expressed his concerns of the importance of personal property and personal rights. He believed that the government should ensure society, with protection for the above listings. Locke argued that the government should be a safe haven towards its society. “The reason why men enter society, is the preservation of their property, and the end why they choose and authorize a legislative is, that there may be laws made, and rules set, as guards and fences to the properties of all the members of the society; to…show more content…
He had a similar argument, compared to John Locke. Thomas Paine argued that the government was a “necessary evil” (Thomas Paine, 174). There would be no need for the society to have a government, in Paine’s view. He believed that as long as the citizens were happy, they didn’t need authority. However, he did believe that everyone should vote on direct democracy. “Wickedness” was a term that Paine portrayed to be the government. Thomas Paine was a true believer of God. He knew that God was the only authority he could rely upon. Paine did not need a Church as Martin Luther did. Paine was against the notion of organized religion. “I don’t believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My mind is my own church” (Thomas Paine, 243).The government that Paine wants the society to have, will never happen. This form of government that he wanted to have enforced, would be in a land of Utopia. Utopia is a name of a place, which appears to have perfection. There is no way this world will ever see perfection. The perfection that America can look forward to embracing, would be heaven. Thomas Paine felt as if there should not be any form of government officials. This world will forever need structure and authority. The world would be in a total dismay, without any form of

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