How Did Martin Luther Affect Society

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Martin Luther who was born on November 10, 1483, in a small town in Germany called Eisleben. Martin Luther’s parents were Hans and Margarette Luther. Luther’s parents sent him to a boarding school, where he spent years studying. After he finished high school, he traveled back to his home town. On his travels he got caught in a bad thunder storm. In this storm Luther was almost killed, but he was saved by God. In exchange for his safety, Luther vowed to become a monk. Once Luther became a monk, he spent many years studying religion. He then traveled to Rome and Vandenberg. At Vandenberg, he saw how corrupt the church was and then sought out to fix it. As you can see, Luther has made major changes in society. Some of the ways he affected society…show more content…
At the time, the only way people could read the Bible is through the priest and through the church. Since the Bible was written in Hebrew, the people couldn’t actually read the Bible because no one in Germany could understand Hebrew. So, to fix this, Luther decided to translate the New Testament in German. “During his seclusion, Luther translated the New Testament into German language, giving ordinary lay people the opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves and distribute among the German people for the first time ever,” ( As you can see, this helped thousands of people across Germany. By helping these people, Luther gave them hope for spiritual salvation. People were now able to understand what they were reading in the Bible which connected them more to God. My final way that I see that the Luther changed society was that he gave them hope for spiritual salvation. With these indulgences being bought and sold, people’s faith was being corrupted and people were feeling hopeless for salvation. But Martin Luther reassured them and taught them how prepare them to enter into Heaven. On page 425, Western Civilization by Joshua Cole, it says, “But what Luther’s followers shared was a convection that their new understanding of Christianity would lead to a spiritual salvation.” This explains exactly how Luther’s many followers
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