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When you begin thinking about the events leading up to 19th century in Western America, what do you think of? Maybe the importance of Wild West Shows in Western America, or Reckoning with violence: W.E.B Du Bois and the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot? There are many reasons why students who are taking History 2112 should read this secondary source, for one is it portrayed the Indian war that resulted in power of the United States borders. Another, example, is that it shows how masculinity and femininity issue being a problem. This analysis article was written by Louis Warren to analyze Buffalo Bill Wild West show. This article was published by The Western Historical Quarterly in spring, 2003. The Wild West shows concluded after thirty-three years.…show more content…
During the Wild West shows Buffalo Bill centered his shows on Race, Custer’s Myth and Gender. The Wild West shows had a basic theme, bad guys portrayed by Indians attacking innocent people, frontier families, with the good guys, usually Army soldiers, coming to save the day (Warren). Warren points out that the “home under attack… was a signature climax of the Wild West show for twenty-three years of its thirty three year life” (55). Theme one; aggression against whites/class and race. The icon of “imperial expansion and race war.” Immigrants, freed blacks. In theme one the Indians were…show more content…
Warren used several primary sources. Louis Warren was famous for using Programs as his primary sources, example one, the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Program, 1885. Photo courtesy of author’s collection. Example two, 1893 Program, BBWW, 19. Example three Lassoing Wild Horses on the Platte in Old Days and, example four, Buffalo Bill’s Home and House Ranch on the Old Fighting Ground of the Pawnee and Sioux. Another example of I primary source I found is the DuBois Centaurs and Amazons. I think the author used the primary sources in the analysis article good, very

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