What Are The Three Primary Reasons For The Fall Of Rome

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The magnificently mighty and largest empire full of decadence, a powerful army, and tall well-structured walls to keep invaders out, would soon fall and end. The Fall of Rome has various causes of the decline. Although some say it’s the legal injustice that caused the fall of Rome, but these are the primary reasons, foreign invasions, political assassination, and a weaker army that had lead it to the fall of Rome. One of the primary reasons for the fall of Rome is the foreign takeover. “When Germanic tribes entered Rome, many Romans were not quite worried. They seemed harmless, poor and unintelligent compared to the Romans. They were only there to make a new name for themselves and have good jobs. But soon, different types of these Germanic groups began to invade Rome, they were all different kinds of groups.” (Author: Linda Alchin) This explains that the romans weren’t afraid at first because the Germanic tribes weren’t going to harm them, but the other groups were. The most demanding and dangerous of them were the Visigoths. The…show more content…
The Roman military had become noticeably weaker, especially to those barbarians who had for years been penetrating Rome's borders. “Soon barbarians began to infiltrate the Western Empire on an even larger scale then they had previously done, first as small groups of settlers and mercenaries, but eventually as entire tribes. They detected military problems and began to establish small kingdoms.” (Author: Linda Alchin) This explains the reason why they had attacked when the military had problems. This was the beginning of the Germanic kingdoms; many of whom were within Rome's own borders. The empire was becoming less and less organized and, as time passed, the Germans began to assert themselves more and more, the Empire was beginning to fall apart. In the end this is why defenseless army were one of the primary reasons for the fall of

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