How Did Martin Luther Affect Society

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Who was Martin Luther? Luther was born in November 10, 1483. He was very intelligent in the study of Theology and took part in the Catholic Community for most of his life. Luther’s parents always wanted him to become a lawyer. Luther had other plans with his life. He wanted to devoted his life to God and become a monk. He finally decided to devote his life to God when he was on his way home and he almost got struck by lightning, he then fell off his horse and immediately started praying to God. Certain ways Martin Luther affected his society were; translating the Bible from Latin to Greek, he put Christianity in good lights, and he changed to corrupt Catholic Church. One of the ways Martin Luther affected his society was that he translated the Bible from Latin to Greek. He did this because he believed that everyone should understand and learn the Bible. He also simplified the Bible as much as he could by writing Catechism. This made it easier for people to learn the way of God. By doing all of this, it made his reputation very strong and more people started to believe in his work. Another way Martian Luther affected his society was by putting Christianity in a good light. This simply means that instead of Christianity going into a bad path, he will lead the church into a better…show more content…
Martin Luther was very devoted to God and the Catholic Church. The only problem he had with all of this is that he didn’t believe in everything the church taught. Since he didn’t believe in everything, he wrote something called The 95 Theses. The 95 Theses is a lot of questions and propositions for debate. Some of the things he believed were that people could get to Heaven by faith and not by the good deeds we do. Another thing was that he wanted to change was the indulgences. So then, Luther hung The 95 Theses on the door of the church hoping they would change their corrupt
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