The Crucible Theme Analysis

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Theme in The Crucible Fear and suspicion ruined one society in less than a year. Dozens of relationships became forever damaged, and several lives were lost in the craze. In the spring of 1692, a wave of jealously for Elizabeth Proctor crept through Miss Abigail Williams. The feeling of envy grew so out of control that she and her friends planned to seek for the help of witchcraft to murder Mrs. Proctor. Word traveled fast through the small town of Salem, and many women were accused of worshipping the Devil. The court started hanging the accused women if they did not confess, so Abigail falsely confessed that she was following the Devil. Suspicion rose between the court and the accused women, and more people were hanged. The madness in the town eventually stopped, but nothing could repair the damage done to Salem. When all hope is lost, fear and suspicion can destroy a society.…show more content…
Although arrogant, his name was always good in the village. However, once people found out about Abigail and her clan attempting to conduct witchcraft, his reputation began crashing down. He said to Abby, “Now look you, child, your punishment will come in its time. But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will, and they will ruin me with it.” (Miller 1219). Fearful that his name would be ruined, he made it clear to the court that Abigail was innocent. The court then believed that the other young women were the conductors of witchcraft and that Abby was a victim. Because of this, almost every woman in Salem was accused and threatened of hanging if they did not confess to their involvement with the Devil. Reverend Parris was the reason for the death of several Salem women, and he ruined the society with his

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