How Did Joseph Stalin Rise To Power

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Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin manipulated his way into power between the years 1924-1928 and swiftly took control of Russia. Although some may say that luck played a crucial part to his rise to power. There are a lot of key factors that effected his rise to power such as the trio that he designed: Lev Kamenev and Gregory Zinoviev. There are three main characteristics which helped Stalin; to gain the ability of manipulation, luck and intellect. One of the major features that had an important role in Stalin’s rise to power, was in his impressive skills of manipulation that he used in many instances. He used manipulation to assist Kamenev and Zinoviev so that they would swear loyalty to him, to kick out Trotsky by continuously attacking him through speeches and making him look like a terrible person. This Stalin’s trio or commonly known as the triumvirate. This triumvirate was not allowed inside the Bolshevik party, this later led to Zinoviev and Kamenev being later eliminated from the party. Stalin gained power from this as he cleverly exposed of Trotsky. Stalin at first saw Trotsky as an extreme threat towards his success of being a very powerful leader, which is why he got rid of him in the first place.…show more content…
For example, Trotsky is a very arrogant and selfish man, but in a really strange way, this helped Stalin. Of all the times Stalin manipulated Trotsky and got away with it, like the event at Lenin’s funeral, not once did Trotsky speak out and state what Stalin was doing, because if he did, everyone would not have really noticed him a much. This meant that nobody really knew what Stalin was really like behind the scenes. Surely if Trotsky spoke out and exposed Stalin then people would not have admired Stalin so much and this would have also reviled his actual self. Another factor that helped Stalin be the powerful and clever man that he was, was his
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