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Joseph Stalin was cruel dictator because of his tragic childhood and his strong belief that he knew what was best for the Soviet population. He learned from his parents that violence was an acceptable form of punishment. Throughout his childhood, he experienced extreme violence and learned to accept it as a means to an end. These early lessons can be traced throughout his rise to power and his leadership style. To reach his level of success he resorted to methods such as starvation and murder, not only 20 million strangers, but even to his closest friends. If Joseph Stalin saw something that he wanted, nothing and no one would ever stand in his way. The Early Years Joseph Stalin was born on December 19th, 1878 in Gori, Georgia. He was born…show more content…
He began hanging out with political agitators and revolutionists. In 1899, he was expelled from the seminary for missing exams. He later said it was for Marxist propaganda. After he left, Joseph became an underground political agitator. This means he took part in many labor demonstrations and strikes. Then he decided to join a Militant Wing of Marxists who formed the Social Democratic Labor Party. In April of 1902, Stalin got arrested for the first time for revolutionary activities and spent 18 months in prison. It got to a point where he had been arrested so many times that he was repeatedly subjected to imprisonment and exile in Siberia. He then escaped exile and went back to the Soviet Union but was eventually captured and sent back multiple…show more content…
The violence, harsh climate, hard labor and work, and starvation was horrible. Among other things, the places to work and sleep were very dirty and unsanitary. This lead to very high death rates in these camps. The largest Gulag camps were in very extreme geographical and climate regions, including places like the Arctic, Siberia, and Central Asia. Although Stalin was not the only leader to use these camps, after his death, the use and number of these camps decreased. Stalin’s reign of terror has been recorded. Stalin’s harsh policies lead 9,500,000 of his own people to be deported, exiled or imprisoned in labor camps. About 5,000,000 were sent to Gulag during his rule -- never to return. Fourteen and a half million citizens were starved to death by his policies and his enforcement of collectivized farming. Over 1,000,000 citizens were executed due to political offenses.

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