How Did Joseph Stalin Rise To Power

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Although Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were on opposing sides, they shared many similarities from their early life to their rise to power. During the time Hitler and Stalin were in power many people suffered and many were killed. If people suffered so much under their rule how did they rise to power and have the ability to maintain it? First of all there were many social, economic and political issues that led both men to be in power and allowed them to stay in it. Aside from that they used similar tactics such as propaganda that presented a great future under their leadership as well as using fear and targeting a certain group of people. Each one’s rise to power was also influenced by early-life events, which coincidentally were similar for…show more content…
However, due to his interest in revolution he was kicked out of the seminary. Shortly after his expulsion Stalin joined the Bolsheviks in 1910. Stalin was in charge of raising money for the political party, and the way he did this was by organizing robberies and other delinquent acts. Once the Bolsheviks had seized power Stalin was promoted to General Secretary of the Party. Some social, political, and economic issues that allowed Stalin to rise to power were Lenin’s death, crushing Trotsky, and raising money for the party. Stalin used the job of General Secretary to promote those loyal to him, as well as remove those who were disloyal and to collect information on every party member. After the death of Lenin in 1924 a struggle for power was unleashed, and Stalin jumped to the opportunity. Stalin was out to remove those who politically opposed him. By 1928 he was the undisputed ruler. During this time he continued to use the position of General Secretary of the Communist Part to promote loyal supporters and demote, or expel from the party those who he could not be sure about. During the 1930s Stalin began to hold trials where the accused had to follow a script and the majority of the time the end result was guilty. Stalin also was responsible for many purges, or the expelling great numbers from the party and arresting people arbitrarily. Fear became one of Stalin’s major
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