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I want to add flag football to physical education (P.E.). This sport is important to me because I think that if we play this then we could play regular football. I think that we would be able to play regular football because would have the basics down so then we would just have to learn the other rules to the game. Please read my essay and think about this. Flag football a sport of which you are playing football but in a less dangerous way. Flag football follows most of the basic rules of tackle football. The team with the ball initiates offensive plays and has four downs to advance the ball ten yards for a first down. The ball can be advanced through running or passing. Instead of tackling the player with the ball to end a play, flags…show more content…
Flag football games that do not allow kicking generally pass the ball down the field for kickoffs or start the play on a particular yard line. Kicking games can award three points for a field goal and one point for a kicked conversion after a touchdown. However, most flag football fields do not have goal posts. Games on these fields award six points for each touchdown. Plus one, two or three points for conversions. One point is awarded for a conversion from the three-yard line, two points from the ten yard line and three points from the 20-yard line. Flag football games are usually shorter than tackle football games. A game is often played in two 18-minute halves instead of four 15-minute quarters. This way our physical education class would be able to play this in two class periods or just one to make it a short game. Plus you do not have to be a certain age to play you could be 5 and play or you could be 50, and you could still play. This is a life sport some people forget about it, but it matters. If you learn flag football than you could probably play football. Even though the rules are a little different, you could learn the new rules too, and you would already have the basics

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