How Did Homer Impact Society

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Homer, just Homer, and an important historical figure some people have taken for granted over the course of history, but in reality he actually influenced our modern society, and human kind as a whole. Homer was an ancient Greek, which wrote epic poems and other works, the most recognized today are the Iliad and the Odyssey. Why are two poems so important to us? You might say. Well, that’s where things get interesting. Homer influenced the Greeks, which ended up having a huge effect on the romans, which had an even mayor effect on history. He wrote about the Trojan War, and wrote about it in a poem, he was capable of transferring one of the most horrid and dark things on earth, war, into a beautiful work of art many people have read and still read today. He fed the Greek culture with his stories, recording an important event and also adding to the Greeks culture, full of fantastic myths and legends, which in reality shape a society.…show more content…
He can be related to social interactions because to create his works, he had to have some kind of knowledge of the people he was writing about, his works are all about the social conflict between two rulers fighting for a beautiful woman, Helen. He had to have some kind of understanding of the people he was writing about. He can be related to politics because his works are mostly based of a conflict, which resulted in a political disaster, when two kingdoms battled against each other. And of course, he can be related to culture because he fed, as I said before the Greek culture, he contributed with his works to a rich culture, without him, not only we would not only be missing a great piece of evidence from an important war, but also a great piece of literature. His works consist about heroes, lets take for example the odyssey, about a hero named Odysseus and his incredible voyages in which he encounters witches, sea serpents and all kinds of

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